Herschend Women’s Forum

We're excited to share some fantastic news about the future of the Women's Forum. For those who may not know, the Women’s Forum has been a long-standing annual event at Herschend University (HU). The event was created to provide an opportunity for women leaders to network across properties and learn from industry leaders.

In 2024, the Women’s Forum will expand from its traditional annual event format to an ongoing initiative with opportunities for women leaders to connect throughout the year. This new format was developed following the 2023 Women’s Forum at HU this past January. At that event, women leaders gathered to identify focus areas and tactics that would help our company meet the needs of both current and emerging women leaders. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to these exceptional leaders whose ideas and insights have played a pivotal role in shaping the future of this time-honored tradition.

Our Purpose:
Those who choose to participate in the new Women’s Forum will work together to support our Charter – To nurture the professional growth of women leaders through regular mentorship, leadership development, and networking opportunities.

Measuring Success:
Our 2023 employee demographics research found opportunities for female leadership growth. Our workforce is almost evenly split, with 51% female and 49% male (a 0% variance compared to the surrounding areas). However, we have a 5% variance at the executive and managerial levels, with 46% female and 54% male. We'll be assessing this data annually.

What's Next:
Female leaders and emerging leaders (that’s you) are invited to join the new Women’s Forum initiative! Organizers are working to develop exciting opportunities for participants, including:

  • Group mentoring and knowledge-sharing workshops.
  • Guest speakers on specific leadership development skills.
  • Both virtual and in-person networking. Please note that eligibility for certain in-person events may be limited due to capacity constraints.
  • A dedicated forum for ongoing collaboration and discussion.


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